About Le Max Group Supermarkets

About Le Max Group Supermarkets

Our History

In 1971 Le-Rose Nominees Pty. Ltd. opened its first supermarket in Seaford, Victoria. Since that date, the Directors, Leo and Rose Blake, have purchased and on sold many stores culminating today into two formats:

Leo's Fine Food & Wine

This branch of the group concentrates on gourmet and creative style foods, whilst also fulfilling the basic supermarket requirements. Locations of these stores are concentrated in the inner suburban areas.

Maxi Foods

The Maxi Foods brand places an emphasis on product and price and provides a large range of products, both local and imported. The store under the Maxi Foods brand is located in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

Our Future

Today the company believes the successful future of food marketing will be conducted in a customer 'feel good’ environment, where they are happy to return to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

The philosophy of our group is to:

  • Ensure that all traditional grocery shelf prices are equal to or lower than the national chain stores
  • Provide an extensive range of Fresh Food departments, where by all preparation of products are maintained at store level
  • Instill a high standard of presentation of all merchandise sold and build a reputation for cleanliness second to none in the industry
  • Recognise the need for quality people to exercise these functions, whilst receiving individual job satisfaction